Our Story



Hi! I'm Roxy -- the owner and principal designer of Terlie Design Co.

I've had a knack for creativity all my life. I became passionate about design when I was fourteen years old. As an adult, I explored different creative avenues-- from becoming a hairdresser, taking up photography, to baking creative confections. Eventually, I fell in love with paper crafting. I loved it so much that I chose to pursue it as a business. What started off as a hobby, flourished into what is now Terlie Design Co.

Life has moved me from my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba (yeah, that's in Canada eh!) to Chicago, where I am happily nestled in the northwest suburbs. I'm a mom of three and run Terlie Design Co. full time, from the comfort of my home.

So who's Terlie? Well she's my mom. She was strong and beautiful and she was an amazingly creative woman with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. My hope is to become even half of the woman she was, and if I can manage to achieve that, I know I'll be pretty bad ass.

Thank you for visiting!

xoxo, Roxy